Factory Facilities

Our manufacturing division will soon be an industry leader in implementing the latest Technology. We are among the first to utilize highly sophisticated "Logical" software for
estimating, design, and machining project materials. What is more, Al Hail Aluminium and Glass manufacturing facility features the most advanced automated fabrication equipment available. Our state-of-the-art technology and expertise implementing affords us the ability to offer products that many in the industry simply cannot, such as unitized systems. Our unitized window-wall and curtain-wall systems are completely shop fabricated, glazed and sealed, and brought to the project ready to fasten into place.

This allows for additional quality control over field conditions. When appropriate for your project, a unitized system can offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Computerized, Machine Fabricated Frames for Speed and Accuracy

            - Savings on Both Time and Material
            - Factory Sealed for Improved Quality Over Field Glazed

  • Minimized Dry-in Time

Window Wall System for slab-to-slab applications can be unitized. This system not only meets impact codes, it reaches design pressures that are not achievable with standard storefront systems.

Multi-Span Curtain Wall System can also be unitized, meets impact codes, and reaches design pressures beyond the capabilities of a window-wall system when the glass portions span multiple floors.

Glass Handrail System offers an all-vision rail that won't interfere with spectacular views from high-rise balconies. Other applications include interior ledges and stairwells, with all offering a wide choice of decorative top caps and finishes. Our custom handrails can be seen in some of the highest profile department stores, offices, and high-rise buildings across the United States.